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About Us and Our Pets

We have one Dog, Four cats, one hedgehog and 5 rabbits and lots 

of rescue rabbits looking for homes.

Please scroll down to learn more about all our

beloved pets passed and present.

'Bear' our yellow Labrador

Bear arrived in our lives in 2019, a sweet dog who welcomes animals of all shapes and 

sizes into his home. Bear is training to come a therapy dog with the 'Read with Me' school scheme.


Harry' our yellow Labrador

Harry is extremely placid and is used to sharing his home with all sorts of different animals. Currently Harry is training to be a PAT dog so he will be able to visit schools, hospitals and care homes within Bassetlaw. This type of therapy has been proven to aid recovery time and the well being of patients.

We are very proud of Harry. (Harry passed away in June 2019, he was the reason I started Small Paws, so that I didn't have to leave him in kennels etc, I dedicate all the work we do to the wonderful, kind peaceful animal he was, I miss him terribly every day and Small Paws is a shining light to his kindness and genuine love of other animals)


'Hunter' The African Pygmy Hedgehog

Hunter is a very handsome hedgehog. He is only still very young but he is a pleasure to have around.

Hedgehogs are lovely pets and becoming very popular.

Hunter loves exploring his vivarium and is not shy like most people would expect. Sadly Hunter passed away in Jan 2020 passing peacefully.

'Pippa' - Our House Rabbit

She was born in 2012 and arrived at Small Paws on 1st April 2014. She is extremely friendly and one of the tamest rabbits I've ever met. She is a pleasure to have around. Pippa is a one off rabbit and plays and interacts with dogs and cats alike.   Pippa passed away December 2023 at the age of 11 and a half.

Teddy - Rabbit

Teddy, is roughly 6 years old and is a giant lop eared rabbit, he came to Small Paws as a rescue case and needed quite a lot of help and medicine to get better. Teddy will stay with us now as he need lots of love and attention.

Teddy was the first rabbit that ever came into All Ears Rabbit Rescue, he arrived needing lots of care and medication.  He stayed at the rescue as a  permanent part of the team.  Teddy passed January 2023 and was 13 years old.


Chloe and Jack Orphaned Kittens

This is Chloe and Jack, they were born in May 2014, we got them when they were 7 days old. There Mum was sadly run over and three kittens were rescued, sadly Popeye passed away after 4 weeks. Chloe and Jack were both very poorly and were hand fed every 3 hours for weeks. Chloe was seriously ill and we nearly lost her when she was 5 weeks old. Thankfully with lots of help from Portland House Vets in Retford, she got better. They are both very tame and love Harry our Labrador. These kittens are extremely special and loved a great deal.




Sky was born June 1st 2014, she was born to my Mother in laws cat Katy. Katy was adopted from a rescue but was pregnant when we got her. Katy had 4 kittens, all different colours 3 girls and one boy. All the other kittens successfully found homes but Sky struggled because she is black. After looking for a home for her for several weeks she was integrated with our own kittens to see if they could all live together. After a couple of supervised meetings and some fun playtimes they all decided that it would be great to live as a family of three. Which is brilliant news.


Katy was my Mother in laws cat but is now living at Small Paws, she greets all the visitors and acted likes she's been here forever. She walks everyone up the gate and takes them into Small Paws as if that is her job, She is a real blessing and a really lovely cat. Katy is 3 years old approx and is Sky's Mum.



This is Sky, Jack, Chloe and Pippa the rabbit.

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