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Rabbit Bonding Service

Rabbits love to live in pairs or groups, they live longer and happier lives together. Rabbits can be bonded at any time in their lives and can be re-bonded with another rabbit if their original partner has passed away. It can be a stressful experience left in the wrong hands and injuries can occur. At Small Paws we are dedicated to all animals and have helped many rabbits to have successful bondings that have lasted several years, so we know what to do and how to step in if necessary. The process depends on each pairing and time scale can be short or long depending on the characters of the rabbits.

We can help you bond your rabbit, so that they lead happier lives and are more content and less prone to depression or loneliness.

Our Service

We have bonded over 1400 rabbits 

over the last 9 years

We can help you find the perfect partner for your rabbit.

We can bond them at Small Paws and then you can collected the bonded pair when the process it complete. We will update you regularly during their stay and let you know how things are going.


Our charges Bonding for two rabbits £75

Bonding for 3 rabbits £120

Bonding in 4 Rabbits £150


Adoption fee if you decide to adopt one of our rabbits for bonding £55

All our rabbits are spayed/castrated and vaccinated before rehoming.


The rabbits looking for adoption are £55 each

Normally when bonding the animals stay at Small Paws for approx 10/14 days.  Please get in touch for more information regarding bonding and how it will help your rabbits to be calmer and happier.


If you are looking for advice or to chat re bringing your bunny for bonding, please give us a ring.

We do not bond rabbits whilst owners are on holiday.

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