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All Ears Rescues

Our rescue rabbits stay in quarantine facilities away from our boarders.


We currently have lots of does and bucks looking for homes.

Many people get rabbits for children as pets and sometimes the child bores of them or people circumstances change and they can no longer dedicate their time or money to their rabbit. Some of our rabbits have been mistreated or neglected, but all will make great pets with a little time and love.

Small Paws currently have a few rabbits that are looking for new homes and a new start. We currently have youngsters, adults and senior citizen rabbits looking for their forever home.

What we are looking for when we rehome?


We currently have a waiting list of rabbits needing to come in the rescue, if you need our help please message us and we will try our best and add you to the list. Because All Ears is self funded we can only help so many rabbits. Please support us if you can, we welcome fundraising and charity events not only to raise money but also to raise the profile of one of the most neglected animals in the UK.

We ask for a donation of £45 for our rabbit adoption, all of this goes to funding All Ears Rescue. All the rabbits leave us being vet checked and neutered. We are very keen and promote the rabbits live in pairs or groups. Rabbits can get very lonely and depressed so we encourage that you consider getting your single rabbit a friend if you have one, we are happy to help you with bonding your rabbit with a new addition.


Another rabbit more work? No way!, they can share a hutch, just the same amount of cleaning and maintenance and the best part about it all, you have Happy Bunnies.

Large hutch and play area.

Dedicated ownership, regular visits to the vets and general consistent care.

Happy to learn about rabbits and spend time with their new addition.

Learn about food and what they need to develop and be healthy.

Love and Time

All Ears is dedicated to rabbits, and if your circumstances change we ask you to bring your adopted rabbit back to All Ears.

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