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Small Animal Hotel Prices


Prices are per room per day, not per pet. this is to encourage animals to be kept in pairs or more. You are welcome to pop and see us, please ring to arrange a visit.

We pride ourselves on outstanding animal care, the animal hotel is always staffed and the animals there are pampered.

I am qualified in many areas of animal care and medication administration, please ring for more information.

We are here at the Small Animal Hotel all the time, so your pet is in good hands.

I am trained to see if an animal is stressed or ill and

I can gain 24 hour medical care at all times.


Prices include hay, bedding, fresh veg and herbs.

Please bring with you your pets dry food and litter tray if they have one.

Also any treats, toys or activities that they normally have at home.

All the hutches are heated in Winter, we have a radio playing all day too.



£7.50 per





Carrot Top Cottages

6ft x 2 ft x 2.5ft (12 sq ft) sleeping area




Dandelion Den and Lavender



8ft x 2ft x 2.5ft (20sq ft)5ft x 3ft (15


sq ft) day room

Other Animals/Pets
Hamsters/Mice/Gerbils etc £4 per day per cage
Tortoise £5 per day
Birds £6.50 per day 
Hedgehogs £9.50 per day
For other requirements please get in touch


We also cater other specialist animals, please enquire for prices.

Discounts available for group bookings, please get in touch for details.

Sorry we do not take ferrets at this current time.

All Rabbits must be vaccinated and be in good health to board with us!

Vaccination cards must be seen.

I am fully qualified in advanced rabbit and small animal care and I am qualified to administer prescribed medication and injections.


Apple Tree View

8ft by 7ft (56 sq ft) plus 6ft hutch (12ft sq)

With toys, activities and lots of things to do.


Private Room - lots of room ideal for indoor rabbits or family of rabbits.

We can also supply fleeces for the flooring etc. Also heated in Winter.




£12.50 per









£9.50 per



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